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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Montreal Open 2013 Rd2-GM Sambuev

[Thanks to Hugh Brodie for posting the game on Chesstalk]

Standings Rd3-Chess Results
GM Sambuev leads with 3/3 so far. He won a nice game against the solid Reti in round 2, playing against hanging pawns.

More About Montreal

1Sambuev BatorCAN25623
2Qin ZiyiCAN23332.5
Chiku-Ratte Olivier-KentaCAN22632.5
Beaulieu EricCAN22522.5
Masse HuguesCAN21692.5
6Hebert JeanCAN24212
Kleinman MichaelCAN22922
Nicula MariusCAN21842
Prahov ValentinCAN21352
Zhu Hong RuiCAN20662
11Ibrahim AnthonyCAN21571.5
Libersan ThierryCAN21431.5
Khashper ArkadyCAN21341.5
Nikulich OleksandrCAN21171.5
Trahan DanielCAN21151.5
Cardona MisaelCAN21091.5
Robichaud LouisCAN20831.5
Yu Zong YangCAN20701.5
Lopez Linares Lizandro FernandCAN20591.5
Le Duin ThierryCAN20151.5
Luo Zhao YangCAN19811.5
Bouchard Jean-MarcCAN19791.5
Sprumont OscarCAN19641.5
Barre MichelCAN19561.5
25Zhou QiyuCAN20071
Nunez OmarCAN19931
Cvetkovic SiméonCAN19641
Langlois-Remillard AlexisCAN19411
29Dumont FélixCAN21440.5
Vidal LiewellynCAN21020.5
Poulin MathieuCAN20800.5
Corriveau PhilippeCAN20480.5
Gueorguiev ValentinCAN18870.5
34Sarrazin-Gendron RomanCAN20200

Nicula,Marius (2184) - Sambuev,Bator (2562)
Reti-Slav w/Bg4[D11]
Montreal op (2), 07.09.2013

Position 1
White wanted to chase off Be4 with the last move 29.f3. What do you recommend for black?

Black to Play


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