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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reykjavik Open 2013 Rd1 CAN Results

Results chess-results
IM Hambleton won as expected.

'Some upsets in round 1. We already had a 1900 player beating a 2478 but there was also an upset when the Icelandic Ingibjörg Edda Birgisdóttir (1783) beat the Dutch IM David Miedema.
Some draws as well. Tinna Kristín Finnbogadóttir, another Icelandic female player drew against German IM Martin Zumzande(2419). Sigurður Páll Steindórsson (2235) allowed a draw against 1610 rated Norwegian.
The young Dagur Ragnarsson from Iceland (1961) drew GM Yilmaz from Turkey (2531).'-Nice tournament site has more Reykjavikopen Lots-of-upsets

112Murray Michael A. 20170-1GMSocko Bartosz 2643
127WCMOrlova Yelizaveta 19780-1GMMaze Sebastien 2556
140FMHambleton Aman 24721-0Leimeister Winfried 1909

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