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Friday, February 15, 2013

Ottawa RA Club Ch 2013 Rd7 Final Standings

Final Standings Rd7
Aman Hambleton and David Gordon shared first with 6/7 after Gordon beat Khachidze in the last round.

#NameCFC RatngRd1Rd2Rd3Rd4Rd5Rd6Rd7Total
1Aman Hambleton2571H---W26W6W10W4D3W96
2David Gordon2311W18L5W11W25W15W8W36
3Vasil Khachidze2327W11W50W15W5W7D1L25.5
4Stijn De Kerpel2181W34D10W33W17L1W19D75
5Qiyu Zhou2019W48W2W8L3L9W18W145
6Mike Sun 1979W31W52L1W40L8W15W235

Here is David Gordon's clutch rd7 win.

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