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Monday, February 11, 2013

Quebec Junior Ch 2013

Final Standings Fqechecs Junior-pepsico-2013
'FM Louie Jiang won the title, finishing ahead of several other strong players : FM Michael Kleinman, NMs Nikita Kraiouchkine, Raven Sturt and Olivier Kenta Chiku-Ratté. He wins $1500, while Raven Sturt and Olivier Kenta both win $500.

Shawn Rodrigue Lemieux, the highest rated player in Canada in third grade (CMA), won the second section.(more)'
Report-Felix Dumont Chesstalk, Canada's Message Board

1JIANG Louie23534,5
2STURT Raven23014,0
3CHIKU-RATTE Olivier-Kenta22074,0
4KRAIOUCHKINE Nikita23253,5
5KLEINMAN Michael23013,5
6YU Zong Yang21123,0
7POULIN Mathieu20253,0
8SPRUMONT Oscar19423,0
9NIKULICH Oleksandr19333,0
10COTE-LALUMIERE Tristan18593,0
11JOHNSON-CONSTANTIN Matthieu13913,0
12ZHU Hong Rui20822,5
13MA Indy17362,5
14OUELLET Maili-Jade15522,5
15SHI Ling Yun16832,0
16SAHA Ananda16472,0
17SAINE Zachary15112,0
18FAN Run Kun14702,0
19ZHANG Evan14082,0
20LUO Alan11902,0
21UTEPOVA Alika14811,5
22ALCANTARA Maximo18771,0
23WANG Kelly16791,0
24LEUNG Chin17120,0
25HUANG Qiuyu12340,0

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