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Monday, August 12, 2013

Cleveland Open (U1500) 2013-Windsor Players Win-Jeffrey Zhu(CAN)

From Chesstalk-John Coleman/Cleveland Open 2013
Windsor players did very well at the Cleveland Open.

Windsor players in Cleveland.
Back: (from left to right) Henry Zhang, Stefano Lee, 
Joshua Mathews, Jeremy Mathews, Jeffrey Zhu
Front: Max Zhu
(Lily Zhou is missing from the photo since she is still playing her last game.)
Photo-Guang-Chong Zhu 

Under 1500
Jeffrey Zhu scored 4½/5 to take clear first in the 37-player U1500 section at the Cleveland Open. Jeffrey won $1,200 US, to go with the $1,000 he won in Chicago in July. 

Jeffrey Zhu in Cleveland
Photo-From Guang-Chong Zhu(dad)
(Via John Coleman)

Henry Zhang of Windsor tied for second, winning $433. Jeremy Mathews picked up $33 for his 4th place tie. 

1Jeffrey Zhu1368ON4.5$1,200.00
2Jackie M Simmons1499OH4$433.33
3Alexander Sax1467PA4$433.33
4Henry Zhang1218ON4$433.33
5Jeremy John Mathews1470ON3.5$33.33
6Kevin Fitzgibbons1426PA3.5$33.33
7Richard P Han1390OH3.5$33.33
8Keith Brackenridge1382OH3.5$33.33
9James O neil1294MI3.5$33.33
10Diamond Abdus-shakoor1290MO3.5$33.33
11Senthil Sowrirajan1457OH3
12Richard Tho Hayes1386OH3
13Kunal Dattatraya Borde1318OH3

Under 1200
In the junior u1200 section, Joshua Mathews (Jeremy's brother) tied for first with 4.5, winning $225. Max Zhu (Jeffrey's brother) scored 3/5.

Other Sections
Other Windsor players included Lily Zhou scoring 2½/5 in the u1800 section, and Stefano Lee scoring 2½/5 in the junior u1200 section.

Mixed Doubles
Lily Zhou and Jeffrey Zhu came 2nd in mixed-double teams competition.

Lily Zhou(l) and Jeffrey Zhu(r)
Photo-Guang-Chong Zhu 

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