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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

COQ Invitational 2013 Rd8-GM Sokolov(NED)

Here is a nice opposite color bishop endgame by GM Sokolov from round 8.

GM Sulskis(left)-GM Sokolov(right)

From Chesstalk
Some notes from Razvan:[Thanks Razvan]

GM Sambuev(left)-Preotu,Razvan(right)

'I saw 18... Nxe5 but I decided to sack the e5 pawn so I can get my knight into the game. I didn't like my position after 18.Bf2 but after I analyzed the game it looked OK.

40. a5 was a mistake. I had less than a minute to make the 40th move and I missed 40. Kf3 which leads to a draw. Playing 2 pawns down against a GM like Sokolov it's not an easy decision to take, especially in time trouble.

King's activity was more important than the a4 pawn. GM Alexander Yermolinsky has a nice presentation on ICC.
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: TWO PAWNS DOWN BUT ALIVE AND KICKING - part 1'

Preotu,Razvan (2277) - Sokolov,Ivan (2650)
Scotch 4..Bc5[C45]
COQ Invitational 2013
Montreal CAN (8.8), 27.07.2013

Position 1

Black is up a pawn but must avoid the drawing tendancies of the remaining opposite color bishops.

Black to Play


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