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Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Toronto Chess Ch – starts April 15(Notice)

2013 Toronto Chess Championship – starting April 15
More info see Annexchessclub Toronto-closed-2013

'Annex Chess Club is proud to host the 2013 Toronto Chess Championship (Toronto Closed). This year’s event is held on Monday nights at 918 Bathurst, starting April 15. The Toronto Closed is an annual event, sanctioned by the GTCL. The history of the tournament can be traced back to 1854.'-Annex CC

The defending 2012 Toronto Champion is Artiom Samsonkin.

Artiom Samsonkin

More on IM Artiom Samsonkin
'In 2007, a Belarusian invaded Canada and decided to take over the chess tournaments that take place in the GTA. His name is Artiom Samsonkin. Artiom has a disturbingly large difference between his CFC and FIDE ratings. Artiom’s CFC rating is currently 2600, while his FIDE rating is under 2400.

The difference between the ratings can be partially explained by his lack of exposure to international competitions, and the large inflation that has occurred to CFC ratings lately.

To compensate for the lack of international events, Artiom plays A LOT of local tournaments. In 2009, I counted 18 (!) tournaments that he played in. International experience will be highly beneficial for him.

This is exactly what will he will get at the Olympiad, a chance to show himself on the world stage... Artiom is a tactical player who can play with anybody in sharp positions(more)' GM MarkBluvshtein Blog

Previous Champions
2011 Victor Plotkin
2010 Victor Plotkin
2009 Michael Barron
2008 Nikolay Noritsyn
2007 Michael Barron
2006 Leonid Gerzhoy
2005 Sami Ademi
2004 Tomas Krnan, Yaaqov Vaingorten
2003 Goran Prpic
2002 Isai Berengolts
2001 Brett Campbell
2000 Eduardo Teodoro IV

Preview GameHere is a game from last year's Closed featuring the defending champion and another promising young player, Michael Kleinman. Kleinman played very well but ran into some tough defence.

Michael Kleinman

Samsonkin,Artiom (2398) - Kleinman,Michael (2284) 
Sicilian Kan 6.a3[B47]
Toronto Closed 2012 Annex Chess Club, Toronto (6), 07.05.2012

Position 1
Black is up a clear exchange and has pressure on the kingside. What do you suggest for black?

Black to Play


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