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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Guelph Spring Pro-Am April 6-7 2013 Rd2 Standings

IM Noritsyn has the sole lead with 2/2.

Rk. NameFEDFIDEProvPts.
1IMNoritsyn NikolayCAN2585ON2
2 Preotu RazvanCAN2445ON1.5
  Ivanov MikeCAN2258ON1.5
4IMCheng BindiCAN2517ON1.5
5GMSambuev BatorCAN2696QC1.5
6FMOchkoos JuraCAN2301ON1.5
  Song Guannan TerryCAN2077ON1.5
8IMSamsonkin ArtiomCAN2564ON1.5
9FMPlotkin VictorCAN2390ON1
10WFMPeng JackieCAN2194ON1
  Noritsyn SergeyCAN2043ON1
12FMSapozhnikov RomanCAN2411ON1
  Bluvshtein IliaCAN2211ON1
14 Birarov VladimirCAN2242ON1
  Olheiser GordonCAN2184ON1
  Zhong JoeyCAN2027ON1
17 Filipovich DavidCAN2228ON0.5
18FMDougherty MichaelCAN2292ON0.5
  Brajkovic NikolaCAN2114ON0.5
20 Plotkin MarkCAN2193ON0
21 Li YinshiCAN2100ON0
  Wang Eric ZechenCAN1905ON0

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