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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Niagara Falls Open April 13-14 2013

Results and Pictures from ChessTalk
Pictures were great and were taken and posted by Walter De Jong.

There were 7 cash prizes Won by 9 players as follows:
Roman Sapozhnikov 4.5 1st
Konstatin Semianiuk 4.0 2nd-4th
Christopher Pace 4.0 2nd-4th
Wenlu Yu 4.0 2nd-4th
Steve Demmery 3.5 5th-7th
Keith Wight 3.5 .
Walter DeJong 3.5 .
Peter McKillop 3.5 .
Steve Tukonic 3.5 5th -7th

There were 15 extra prizes from donations including
a Chronos Digital game Clock donated by Henry Grayson to the
Top Junior who did not win a cash prize. In Memory of John W. Chidley-Hill.

Roman Sapozhnikov playing Christopher Pace
(not sure who is who)

 Plenty of happy players

 Thinking hard

 Ready for battle

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