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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seneca Hill CC-IM Hambleton(CAN) Simul 2013-04

IM Hambleton has been very busy. See his site for a Reykjavik Open 2013 report. He just gave a simul at the Seneca Hill CC.

Report-Seneca Hill Chess Club
'The main reason to host this simul at Oriole again because both the participants and Aman enjoyed the last one very much. Aman is selected by Chess Federation of Canada as the official representative to the Continental tournament in Bolivia in May (6th-15th) where he can win a spot to the World Cup knockout tournament in Norway August 2013. We are proud and happy to sponsor one of the strongest Canadian players.

IM Aman Hambleton came to Oriole today! He gave a 30 board Simultaneous Exhibition. Aman won all 30 boards in 2 hours 15 minutes. 

Hambleton at work

Everyone went home with this.

We were happy to present a cheque of $800 to Aman at the end of the Simul. We wish him all the best at Bolivia. Looking forward for his third Simul at Oriole when he becomes a GM. (He was an FM when he came last June.) [More]

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