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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toronto Chess News Issue 1-15 and New TCN Blog

The Latest Issue is Out
See Toronto Chess News
See TCN New blog

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TCN Editor Bob Armstrong
You can find the most recent newsletter and archived Issues here on the website, but you will need the Adobe Reader ( which you can download for free from the Adobe website ), or some other equivalent pdf reader.

As well, nearly all Issues are accompanied by a games database of all the games ( including annotatons ) in the Issue.

TCN Blog Brand New!
TCN has a game viewer where all the games from each Issue can be played over - give it a visit - quick and convenient playing over of TCN games:

Latest Edition
CONTENTS Issue # 1-15, April 1, 2013- 63 pages

Visit to the Capablanca Chess Club in Havana 4
FIDE 2013-4 Women’s Grand Prix 19 FIDE April 1, 2013 Regular Rating List (Open/Women ) 20
FIDE April 1, 2013 Regular Rating List – Canadian Rankings (Open/Women) 30
Teaching Classic Games of Chess – Philidor’s Passed Pawn Endgame 50

Ken’s Chess Trivia 58
TCN Readers’ Chess “Sightings” 59
TCN Readers Have Questions 59
TCN’s “Readers’ Opinion” Column 59 

Tournament Reports
2013 Candidates’ Tournament, England 7
2013 Karpos Open, Macedonia 16
St. Clement Active, Toronto 37

Hamilton Winter Open 46

Organizations with News Reports
Chess Federation of Canada ( CFC ) 28
Greater Toronto Chess League ( GTCL ) 38
Scarborough Chess Club ( SCC ) 39
Annex Chess Club ( ACC ) 43
Aurora Chess Club 45

Tournament Notices
Guelph Spring Pro-Am 60
GTCL Cup 60
Toronto Closed Championship 60
Oriole Chess Club Simul 61
Toronto Youth Championship (CYCC Qualifier) 62

Community Bulletin Board 62

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