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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GM Elshan Moradiabadi in Toronto July 8 Event Report

GM Elshan Moradiabadi in Toronto-Event Report

Elshan’s lecture – “Simple Chess: Capablanca to Carlsen”

The theme of Elshan Moradi’s lecture is “simple chess,” which is a common chess expression used to describe calm, solid moves that simply enhance one’s pieces, creating a stronger, more logical position. 
Contrary to popular belief, Elshan emphasizes that these “simple chess” moves are not to be played as an alternative to complicated calculations, but rather “simple chess players do have to calculate well – and at a very deep level.” 
Using Capablanca as the original “simple chess” player, Elshan shows how the “simple chess” tradition is continued through Karpov and Carlsen. He also humbly includes himself in the list of “simple chess players.”
“Capablanca is a very logical player,” he tells us. “His play looks easy.” But not only does it often take a lot of calculation to be able to see that Capablanca’s solid “simple chess” move is playable, it can take a lot of foresight to see where the pieces have to go to create a “simple,” logical position. 
And then the slight advantages played for by “simple chess players” like Capablanca often require a lot of finesse to convert to a full point.(more-See great event report)

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