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Monday, July 8, 2013

GM Hansen and IM Hambleton Get Chess 'n Math Sponsorship

From Chesstalk
The Chess'n Math Association Executive has unanimously voted to give Aman and Eric $2,000 each towards their exciting project! In return, we ask that they keep us posted on this site, about their journey (which based on previous experience, they would have done regardless 

I will have the honour, on behalf of the Chess'n Math Association, to present these two talented youngsters with this sponsorship at the upcoming Canadian Open in Ottawa! 

The Chess'n Math Association, Canada's National Scholastic Chess Organization, is a non-profit organization devoted to the development of chess in Canadian schools since 1985 ( ). 

When you make your purchase of chess books & equipment from us, you are contributing to Canadian chess. Your support allows us to help young Canadian talent in this way! 

The Chess'n Math Association is the official supplier of Chess Books & Equipment for the Chess Federation of Canada and the Quebec Chess Federation. 

Visit our website at 

Larry Bevand
Executive Director
Chess'n Math Association

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