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Friday, May 31, 2013

BCCF Bulletin #263-Available Now

BCCF Bulletin #263
I just received my issue today. Subscribe here to the valuable work of Stephen Wright.

Bulletin #262 05/16/2013 B.C. - Washington Scholastic Match
Bulletin #261 04/25/2013 Vancouver Rapid Chess Team Championship
Bulletin #260 04/11/2013 7th annual Grand Pacific Open
Bulletin #259 03/14/2013 2012 Canadian Chess Player Of The Year
Bulletin #258 02/14/2013 B.C. Open Championships
Bulletin #257 01/24/2013 B.C. Active and B.C. Senior Championships
Bulletin #256 01/10/2013 December Active

Ashley Tapp at the GPO 2013

'Thank you WGM Katerina Rohoyan, and my friend Jill for going over one of my chess games during the GPO in Victoria, it was very helpful and Congratulations to you for coming in best women for the higher OPEN Section. I am also happy that I came in as first girl for my section U1800.'-Ashley

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