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Monday, May 6, 2013

McGill Open 2013 Final Standings

Open-Results(from FQE site)
GM Sambuev won with a perfect score 5/5.

Playing hall

Here's Sambuev getting some practice.

'84 chess players showed up for the 2013 McGill Open. For the first time, the tournament is part of the Oasis Quebec Tour (with $3500 in prizes at the end of the year), and it apparently attracted many players.

The first section, for players who have a rating over 2000, was definitely a good idea, considering how strong the section actually was : 1 grandmaster, 1 international master, 1 FIDE master and 7 national masters (FQE) showed up.

GM Sambuev won the tournament without too much trouble, finishing with a perfect score of 5/5, 1.5 points ahead of the second place.(more)'

See the nice full report for more pictures and 2 games analyzed by FM Kleinman. Nice job by the CFC.

#NomCoteRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalPrix
1Sambuev, Bator GM267611207655700,00
2Kraiouchkine, Nikita MN234317151073200,00
3MacKinnon, Keith MN229718-71192200,00
4Beaulieu, Eric MN2204F161820126200,00
5Kleinman, Michael MF238212H---610-13 
6Laptos, Krzysztov MN225514165-143 
7Chiku-Ratté, Olivier Kenta MN222283-1-2143 
8Libersan, Thierry2026-712172010350,00
9Guo, Forest2019H---1716-315350,00
10Chabot, Roland MN225413212-58 
11Zhang, Yuanchen2210-113-31819 
12Zhu, Hong Rui2157-5821-418 
13Marcaida Ren, Lionel204610-11-141720 
14Cardona, Misael2096-6191315-72 
15Robichaud, Louis2080H----21914-92 
16Hébert, Jean MI2428X4-69U---U--- 
17Bouchard, Jean Marc20902-9-8-13B--- 
18Cloutier, Mario2086-3-4B---11-12 
19Gueorguiev, Valentin1936-2014-1521-11 
20Massé, Hugues MN226419-1-4-8-131 
21Luo, Zhao Yang2078H----10-12-19U---½ 

Under 2000
HEREDIA, José had a great result and won with 4.5/5.

#NomCoteRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotPrix
1HEREDIA José1778831052450,00
2TURCOTTE Jonathan19871411171014200,00
3ZHOU David15524-12265100,00
4RONDON Luciano1914-3241211103 
5SAHA Ananda177115911-133 
6MATHEWS Theo1643-172325-315337,50
7PURCARUS Gabriel160825-10817U---3 
8RODRIGUE-LEMIEUX Shawn1506-114-71617337,50
9SPRUMONT Oscar195712520U---U--- 
10NARDONE Raul1895237-1-24 
11JOANIS Marc-André1653162-5-418 
12SAINE Zachary1584-91641513 
13ROZMAN Zeljko1492H---H----232512 
14FIOUZI Chahin1593-2-8-1621232 
15JACQUES Simon1504-5H---1812-62 
16ZHANG Evan1470-11-1214-8252 
17UTEPOVA Alika1466619-2-7-82 
18ZHANG Hou Han14572122-1523-112 
19GILBERT Erick1883H----1721U---U--- 
20GIROUX Robert18282421-9U---U--- 
21MILOSZ Jerzy162918-20-19-14B--- 
22LACROIX Serge1880H---18-3U---U---1 
23STRUBEN Jeroen1544-10-613-18-141 
24PERRAULT Marc152520-4H---U---U---1 
25BONNEVILLE-ROUSSY Didier1416-7B----6-13-161 

Under 1500
SUN, Benjamin and NDAMBAKUWA, Victor shared first with 4.5/5

#NomCoteRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotPrix
1SUN Benjamin14839251328275,00
2NDAMBAKUWA Victor14153643112275,00
3GUENTCHEV Radoslav14662726-2613450,00
4GOSSELIN Jonathan131537-2101116450,00
5OUIMET Olivier14073120271918 
6SELMANI Sam1401293016-323 
7BOUCHARD Joël13893215202119 
8VLASBLOM Vincent1353H---311916-1 
9BUREAU Robert1283-121313217

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