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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunningdale Open 2013-05:IM Hambleton(CAN)

From Spraggett's Blog
'Congrats to Canadian IM Aman Hambleton for winning the Sunningdale Open held over the long weekend (24 to 27 May)! The seven round Open tournament was held in two sections, with the top section fielding 3 GMs and 3 IMs. 

Time control was the standard 90/game plus 30 seconds per move. One game Friday evening; two rounds for the rest.(more)'

More on the e2e4 Tournament Series
These tournament are held in nice hotels to ensure strong participation. Here's an example.

Hambleton was the top scoring Canadian.

1IM Hambleton, Aman6.5CAN246827832.14
32Gedajlovic, Max3.5CAN175120482.07
36Oussedik, Elias3CAN201021290.89
53Dydak, Mateusz1.5CAN19371733-1.44

Final Standings
Hambleton took clear first by a full point with 6.5/7.

1IM Hambleton, Aman6.5CAN246827832.14
2GM Hebden, Mark L5.5ENG253725720.4
3GM Williams, Simon K5ENG25112454-0.22
4IM Sarakauskas, Gediminas5LTU24212321-0.66
5IM Bates, Richard A5ENG23762345-0.05
6GM Arkell, Keith C4.5ENG24722391-0.48
7FM Sowray, Peter J4.5ENG23652170-1.33
8FM Eggleston, David J4.5ENG235423580.25
9FM Buchicchio, Giampaolo4.5ITA230623260.29
10FM Ledger, Dave J4.5ENG228722860.07
11FM Croad, Nicolas4.5NZL22772230-0.29
12Longson, Alexander4.5ENG227323020.4
13Jackson, James P4.5ENG22212183-0.21
14FM Poobalasingam, Peter S4.5ENG221123030.91
15Bird, Andrew4.5AUS219022981.06
16Osborne, Marcus E4ENG22632244-0.08
17Spence, David J4ENG22202170-0.32
18Tozer, Philip A A4ENG216522170.44
19McPhillips, Joseph4ENG214222460.97
20Peat, Matthew4ENG209421610.43
21Lunn, Matthew4ENG200421090.98
22Oyama, Akito4ENG192221572.15
23Burrows, Martin P3.5ENG214421660.22
24Batchelor, Peter J3.5ENG21322016-1.04
25Varnam, Liam D3.5ENG21182075-0.36
26Sullivan, Daniel JS3.5ENG2105 *19991999
27Bridge, Neil A3.5ENG207521330.41
28McCullough, Simon L3.5ENG207021210.36
29Sara, Valerio3.5ITA20482033-0.2
30Bucher, Grant W3.5ENG203920660.22
31Taylor, Adam C3.5ENG196120740.8
32Gedajlovic, Max3.5CAN175120482.07
33CM Friedland, Jon S3ENG21181936-1.7
34WFM Chevannes, Sabrina L3ENG208322530.56
35Bonafont, Philip R3ENG207320870.06
36Oussedik, Elias3CAN201021290.89
37Amato, Giampiero3ITA197820040.17
38Gibson, Christopher A3ENG194721441.32
39Sucikova, Svetlana3SVK190119900.65
40Crockart, Scott A2.5ENG21471913-1.56
41Roberts, David L2.5ENG20661941-1.04
42WFM Kisteneva, Liza2.5RUS205320880.11
43McKerracher, Douglas2.5SCO20531957-1.07
44Savage, Nicholas W2.5ENG20241927-1.05
45Fegan, Chris2.5ENG201121240.74
46Moss, Guy2.5ISR198220410.33
47Staniforth, Matthew2.5WLS19401884-0.59
48Shakespeare, John2.5WLS191919360.11
49White, David J2ENG19631776-1.5
50Kalaiyalahan, Akshaya2ENG187219040.2
51Hernandez Castro, Julio Ce2ESP18481763-0.81
52WFM Stolberg-Rohr, Thomine1.5DEN20371898-1.28
53Dydak, Mateusz1.5CAN19371733-1.44
54Truman, Richard G1.5ENG19161781-1.13
55Kreuzer, Christopher R L1ENG19601660-1.58

Here is Hambleton's win over veteran GM Hebden.

Hebden,Mark L (2537) - Hambleton,Aman (2468)

Queen’s Indian 4.e3[E14]
e2e4 Sunningdale Open Sunningdale Park
Ascot, England (6), 27.05.2013

Position 1
Black has taken over the game after beating back the first wave of white's attempted attack. What do you recommend for black now?

Black to Play

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