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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Canadian Chess Challenge 2013-Results by Grade(1-6)

Results by Grade From Chess and Math.

More about Ottawa
The event was held in Ottawa so here is a bit of background.

Grade 1
Unrated Lucian Wu(BC) steamrollered the opposition with a perfect 9-0 scored to earn the gold medal.

BCLucian Wu01111111119
ONNameer Issani13961011111118
ABKhino Angelo Tolentino78810.511110106.5
QCTony Cai7620111110005
MBAlexander Loukine4510000110114
NBAlex LeBlanc3550111001004
PESeamus MacEachern5920100001114
NSAlexander Brown71710.500001002.5
NLSebastian Locke6741000000012

Grade 2
Qiuyu Huang(QC) scored a perfect 9-0 for the gold medal while Patrick Huang(BC) did very well to get the silver with 8/9.

QCQiuyu Huang14461111111119
BCPatrick Huang8300111111118
ABAndi Superceanu11881111110.5006.5
ONDavid Gan98810110.510.5106
NBAlexandre Xavier-LeBlanc81811110.500015.5
MBItay Amrom7870000110103
NLPeter Dormody6491100000013
NSJerjis Kapra7680000001102
PEConnor Pierce5920000001001
SKAnastasia Sasata2820000000011

Grade 3
Ian Zhao(AB), Victor Zheng(BC) and Nicholas Vettese(ON) shared first with 7/9. Zheng did very well to show that ratings don't win games-players do. 

ABIan Zhao13581111110107
BCVictor Zheng8770011111117
ONNicholas Vettese1448110.5101110.57
QCRobert Liu1396101011100.55.5
SKAlexander Sasata1119110101100.55.5
MBJoshua Huston-Earle10370100101014
NLNorman Chen974000.51000113.5
PEArnab Kundu894011000010.53.5
NBTerry Michaud4750000100001
NSCallum Brown9311000000001

Grade 4
Kaixin Wang took the gold with 8.5/9 but second lowest rated Ethan Low(BC) did superbly and took the bronze with 7.5/9.

ABKaixin Wang1811111111110.58.5
ONWenyang Ming16391111110118
BCEthan Low641101111110.57.5
QCZiyu Guan12560111111006
SKDaniel Wei10561100011015
NBThomas Myatt5400.5011000002.5
PEKarla Lynn McCallum9840100000.5102.5
NLBrett Russell11410000000112
MBEthan Eckert8090000000.5011.5
NSBenjamin Koshi8360.5000100001.5

Grade 5
Mali-Jade Ouellet(QC) scored a perfect 9-0 for the gold while Yue Tong Zhao(ON) took the silver with 8/9.

QCMali-Jade Ouellet17101111111119
ONYue Tong Zhao17031111111108
MBDerek Ma1376101010.51116.5
SKBenjamin Lortie12600.511010.50015
NSSahejpreet Singh113010.5010010.50.54.5
NLXingbo Huang12970.510110000.54
ABJeff Wang99200.501010013.5
BCBrian Butchart5950000011103
NBLeonardo Cui7940010000001
PEIan Kerr107200000000.500.5

Grade 6
Top seed Kevin Wan(ON) took the gold with a perfect 9-0 but
Matthew Geng(BC) did excellently to claim the bronze with 7/9.

ONKevin Wan21061111111119
QCAnanda Saha1734110.51111107.5
BCMatthew Geng9830011111117
ABChenxi Wu13901101110005
NSLucas Dorrance1509100.50100.5115
PESoumyaDeep Chowdhury1212010.50001013.5
SKAndrew Li7771010010.5003.5
NBAdam Makarov646010.50000012.5
NLRyan Pickard11070001000102
MBWilliam DeFehr11020000000000

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