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Monday, April 1, 2013

Grand Pacific Open 2013 Final Standings Rd6

Final Standings GPO 2013 Results and Great FB Album
FM John C [Jack] Yoos won clear first with 5.5/6.

Event Report
'The 7th annual Grand Pacific Open took place on a gorgeous spring weekend. With temperatures of 20+ degrees it was definitely the place to be in Canada.

Jack Yoos coming off a disastrous BC Closed made sure to keep his street cred up by winning the main event with a convincing score of 5.5/6 including victories over several of his competitors for the title of BC champion.(more)' 
Here are some of the fabulous pics from the FB album.
 FM Jack Yoos getting his prize

 FM Jack Yoos 

Mark Dutton and two nice ladies
Playing hall action 

 More playing hall action
M.S. Lee on the right(I think) 

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6TotPrize
1FM John C [Jack] Yoos23556418348105.5$1,150
2NM Alfred Pechisker22553914-4222885575
3NM Tanraj S Sohal22403723-1173095575
4WGM Katerina Rohonyan2347483021954.5 
5Lucas Davies2233563811282944.5 
6FM Jason Cao22084933137-10194.5 
7Alisher Sanetullaev2158542116-620184.5 
8IM Lawrence Day222753291011-1-24 
9Jamin Gluckie2200411924204-34 
10NM Butch Villavieja22944222-8156-14 
11NM Howard Wu225943405-838134 
12Janak Awatramani22404724151416294 
13Matthew Herdin20946032-64121114 
14Jingzhou [Peter] Lai202966-2591231324 
15John Doknjas2094465112-1034334 
16Jeremy Hui19365145-75812304 
17Robert North1938-586263-335284 
18NM Georgi Kostadinov213644-1493126-73.5 
19Michael A Murray1921579H---25H----63.5 
20David Kenney1905454627-9-7413.5 
21Ross Richardson1810257-3027-13403.5 
22Dan Erichsen210336-1034-243313.5 
23Darko Dimitrijevic202835-34150-32393.5 
24Ruining [Ray] Wu20195912-9-2644433.5 
25NM Jason Kenney2226-215442-1939473.5 
26Jofrel Landingin1856-32356024-18383.5 
27Roy Imlach Yearwood2137H---58-20-2152423.5 
28Ryan Lo21963431335-2-173 
29Benedict Daswani198350-85232-5-123 
30WFM Chouchanik Airapetian213162-42139-3-163 
31Pavel Trochtchanovitch19196128321814-223 
32NM Harry Moore2245261331-2923-143 
33Becca Lampman1931556-28H---36-153 
34Ken Forman1801-2865-2257-15563 
35Lionel Han1630-23264337-17493 
36Alex Y Lin1726-22-425661-33533 
37Joshua Doknjas1832-35051-3563543 
38Lawrence Cohen197363-55844-11-262.5 
39Alice Huanyi Xiao1859-26640-3025-232.5 
40NM Roger Patterson210052-11-394642-212.5 
41Constantin Rotariu1803-95723-1351-202.5 
42Max Gedajlovic1892-1036-255940-272.5 
43Joe Roback1873-1160356322-242.5 
44H G Pitre1755-186455-38-24582.5 
45Tian Tian Geng145420-164752-56602.5 
46Joanne Foote169715-2064-4055612.5 
47George Kosinski1855-12-59456658-252.5 
48David Crook1894-4-52-616266502.5 
49Colin D Aykroyd1803-661-185150-352 
50Robin Yu1619-293753-2349-482 
51Luke Pulfer159516-153749-41522 
52Deron Stewart1710-4048-2945-27512 
53Christopher Baumgartner1829-855-506057-362 
54Philip Harris1801-7-25665559-372 
55Jill Ding1518-3353-445446592 
56Paul Leblanc1832-5-63-366545-342 
57Adam Rahemtulla1504-19-4162-34-53632 
58Kai Richardson160517-2738-16-47-441.5 
59Manuel Omana Escandor1622-2447-14-42-54551.5 
60Michael Su1637-1343-265361-451.5 
61Louis Lapi1496-31-4948-3660-461.5 
62Elroy Deimert1742-30-17-5748-65661.5 
63George Wesley Lundy III1607-3856-17-43-37-571 
64Philip Allan1895-14446U---U---U---1 
65Li Geng1433U----34U----5662U---1 
66Polly P Wright1635-14-3954-47-48-620.5

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