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Friday, May 31, 2013

GM Spraggett's Blog Returning Soon

Message From GM Spraggett
Yesterday blogger closed down my popular blog for reasons that Blogger itself knows. I was informed only after the fact that my blog contained ''malicious javascript'' and that the powers that be deemed this sufficient cause to close a blog that had millions of pageviews over the past 4 years. Ofcourse, Blogger can do as it wishes. No doubt complaints about the often controversial political commentary must be factored into the equation. 

As must the fact that my blog is NOT for children, but aimed precisely towards a very much neglected segment of our population: adults. However, as I have said time and again, anyone who wishes to challenge my opinions or actions is free to do so in a court of law...

My blog has always operated within the policy guideline of Blogger as well as legal principles concerning freedom of expression. In any case, this is all a small issue, as I have been planning to move my blog over to Tumblr or/and Wordpress. Yesterday's action only speeds it up. 

My popular blog ''Spraggett on Chess'' will start up tonight or tomorrow. 100% of the Blogger content will also follow in the coming days. I have no doubt that my tens of thousands of blog readers will continue to receive the same high quality content and service. And I can asure you that my political commentary will continue to be as much a thorn in the side of some inside our chess community. 

My new blog would have already been up and running today, except that today is the final day for me to submit my tax returns here in Portugal, and this takes priority. 

Yesterday's action by Blogger is just a minor affair... best regards Kevin Spraggett I just received this from the chess Grand Master. This will be my last post here at the BaconLOG.

I urge you to surf on over to my new Armchair Warrior blog 

Pretty Woman-Movie/Song

BCCF Bulletin #263-Available Now

BCCF Bulletin #263
I just received my issue today. Subscribe here to the valuable work of Stephen Wright.

Bulletin #262 05/16/2013 B.C. - Washington Scholastic Match
Bulletin #261 04/25/2013 Vancouver Rapid Chess Team Championship
Bulletin #260 04/11/2013 7th annual Grand Pacific Open
Bulletin #259 03/14/2013 2012 Canadian Chess Player Of The Year
Bulletin #258 02/14/2013 B.C. Open Championships
Bulletin #257 01/24/2013 B.C. Active and B.C. Senior Championships
Bulletin #256 01/10/2013 December Active

Ashley Tapp at the GPO 2013

'Thank you WGM Katerina Rohoyan, and my friend Jill for going over one of my chess games during the GPO in Victoria, it was very helpful and Congratulations to you for coming in best women for the higher OPEN Section. I am also happy that I came in as first girl for my section U1800.'-Ashley

Winawer Review 2013-05

A review of 7 recent games in the French Winawer. Material should be useful to French Defence and/or 1.e4 players. Most games come with  videos.

For example: More About Poland
Gdańsk is Poland's principal seaport as well as the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is also historically the largest city of the Kashubian region. 

Game 1
Robson,R (2620) - Shulman,Y (2570)
FR Winawer 4.ed ed[C15]
ch-USA 2013 Saint Louis USA (6), 09.05.2013

Game 2

Vocaturo,D (2511) - Bruno,Fabi (2428)
FR Winawer 4..b6[C16]
45th Italian Teams 2013 Bratto ITA (2), 28.04.2013

Game 3

Hector,J (2512) - Berg,E (2561)
FR Winawer 4.e5 c5 5.Bd2 [C17]
21st Sigeman & Co Malmo SWE (3.2), 24.05.2013

Game 4

This brilliant positional game is my favorite.

IM Artemiev(left)

Aravindh,Chithambaram VR (2328) - Artemiev,V (2524)
FR Winawer 6…Qa5[C18]
The Black Queen Blues Variation
Somov Memorial 2013 Kirishi RUS (6.4), 13.05.2013

Game 5
Franklin,S (2322) - Pert,N (2557)
FR Winawer Poisoned Pawn 12..d4[C19]
4NCL 2012–13 Hinckley ENG (10.116), 05.05.2013

Game 6
Tazbir,M (2555) - Socko,B (2651)
FR Winawer 7.h4 [C19]
ch-POL 2013 Chorzow POL (6.4), 18.04.2013

Game 7
Bartel,Mat (2619) - Socko,B (2651)
FR Winawer 7.a4[C19]
ch-POL 2013 Chorzow POL (8.1), 20.04.2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kasparov-FM Marc Ghannoum(CAN)

Former chess world champion Garry Kasparov participates in a fundraiser in Naples, Fl. After dispatching 12 patients in a simul, he defeats Marc Ghannoum in a 2-game blitz match

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chess & Bridge(UK)-Cool 3-D Shop Viewer(!)

Browse our store! 
Fully interactive 3D view - use the arrows in the middle of the screen to move about the store, click the mouse and move it to change your view and zoom in on any set or book on our shelves using your mouse scoller or buttons on the top left - enjoy browsing!

Check out the cool store browsing feature. I have never seen anything like this before. 

Calgary International 2013 Rd2-GM Wesley So(PHI)

More on Chess in Israel
GM Wesley So won a tough game against GM Mikhalevski(ISR) who finished tied for 2nd in the Ch-ISR. Here is more on the Israeli grandmaster.

1GMNabaty TamirISR25646.5
2GMSmirin IliaISR26636
3GMMikhalevski VictorISR25306
4GMAvrukh BorisISR25726
5GMPostny EvgenyISR26355.5
6GMRodshtein MaximISR26395.5
7GMGolod VitaliISR25735.5
8GMRoiz MichaelISR26235.5
9IMRaznikov DannyISR24885
10GMSoffer RamISR25165
11GMKantsler BorisISR24275
12GMZoler DanISR25535
13FMAxelrod ArieISR23285
14GMGreenfeld AlonISR25454.5
15GMGofshtein LeonidISR24574.5
16Judkovsky YairISR23554.5
17IMBerkovich MarkISR23644.5
18IMBoruchovsky AvitalISR24454.5
19FMGivon AsafISR24074.5
20GMBaron TalISR24734.5
21GMPopilski GilISR25234
22IMNakar EylonISR23894
23Steinberg NitzanISR24254
24IMCaspi IsraelISR24614
25FMShachar EhudISR23574
26GMGruenfeld YehudaISR24343.5
27FMArlinsky UrielISR23183.5
28WFMShvayger YuliyaISR22733.5
29Svoisky DanielISR22273
30IMBirnboim NathanISR23703
31FMZalkind KonstantinISR22543
32Katzir MosheISR22011.5

TWIC 967
GM So came back in a tough game to eventually grind out a victory against GM Mikhalevski in rd2. So went with 5.Qa4+ against the Gurnfeld and gave his queen for three minor pieces. Later black got Q+2ps for the three minors and the better chances.

So,Wesley (2701) - Mikhalevski,Victor (2551)
Grunfeld 5.Qa4+[D90]
2013 Calgary International Calgary, Alberta (2), 15.05.2013

Position 1
The RBN should be able to outplay the lone queen. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play

Chesstalk is Back(!)-May 29 2013

The Chesstalk message board has come back to life.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunningdale Open 2013 Rd3-IM Hambleton A(CAN)

More on GM Williams
IM Hambleton played Williams in the feature game so here is some background on the colorful English GM.

TWIC 968
Hambleton consolidated a 2 pawn advantage with ruthless attacking play against GM Williams.

Hambleton,Aman (2468) - Williams,Simon K (2511) 
Dutch Classical 5.Nh3 d6[A96] Sunningdale Open 
Sunningdale Park, Ascot, Engl (3), 25.05.2013

Position 1
Black keeps Rf1 under attack with 18...Bxf4. How should white respond?

White to Play

Calgary International 2013 Rd9-GM Wesley So(PHI)

More on IM Richard Wang(CAN)
Here's a look back at the WYCC 2009 where Wang placed third.
Video by Andrei Botez.

TWIC 968
GM So converted a pawn up ending in routine looking fashion. There were no flashy tactics in this game so perhaps this game will escape public attention.
The overall strategy was grab a pawn in the opening and force a queen trade for a risk-free ending.

So,W (2705) - Wang,Richard (2365)
Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav 9.Bc4[B78]
6th Calgary International 2013 Calgary CAN (9), 20.05.2013

Position 1
The technical RR-RR pawn+ conversion phase has begun. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play

BC Junior Championship 2007

Some familiar faces here. Video by Andrei Botez

Grand Erie HS Championship-Brantford,Ontario

For Players, Chess is a Like a Puzzle

By Michelle Ruby, Brantford Expositor

Grand Erie HSCC in the library at Pauline Johnson Collegiate
Photo-Michelle Ruby, The Expositor

With the quiet broken only by the tap of moving chess pieces and the slapping of timers, more than 50 students faced off Monday in the Grand Erie high school chess championship.
Lining a long row of tables in the library at Pauline Johnson Collegiate, students played in teams of four in two divisions.
In this blitz chess tourney, each player was given 15 minutes to complete a game. The top three from each division advanced to the playoffs.
North Park Collegiate, championship winner for the past two years, was looking to defend its title.
"I like the almost infinite combination of moves," Henri Romel, a Grade 12 student at North Park, said of his love of chess. "Every game is unique."
Students from Bellview Public School this year joined players from 
  • Pauline Johnson, 
  • Brantford Collegiate Institute, 
  • North Park, 
  • Tollgate Tech, 
  • Simcoe Composite, 
  • Delhi District 
  • McKinnon Park in Caledonia

Chris Mallon, a math teacher at Pauline Johnson and organizer of the championship, said students are used to the fast chess format because their playing time is usually limited to lunch hours.
Romel had already finished two games by mid-morning, winning both with times under six minutes.
For the first time this year, the championship partnered with the Chess 'n' Math Association, a non-profit organization with provincial co-ordinators dedicated to bringing chess to schools across Canada.
The game sets were supplied by the association and some were taken home by students as consolation prizes.
In Canada, a growing number of elementary schools have incorporated chess into the regular school curriculum.
Most of the players at Monday's event were boys. Mallon said that, for whatever reason, most girls don't continue to play competitively beyond elementary school.
Ten-year-old Lucas Samwell, a Grade 5 student at Bellview who was among the competitors, has been playing on his school's chess team since Christmas.
Mallon is a former teacher at Bellview and invited students from that school to join the event to even up the number of teams. He also opened the competition to schools outside Brant County.
"Chess is like a puzzle where you're trying to figure out how not to get in checkmate," said Lucas.(more)'

TWIC 968(CAN) INDEX-2013-May 28

TWIC is produced by Mark Crowther. 

Chicago Open May 23-27 2013 Results
IM Porper did very well to finish second with 6.5/9 but GM Ray Robson took first with better tiebreaks over Friedel and Mitkov.

  • Porper,E 6.5
  • Gerzhoy,L 5.5
  • Kleinman,M 4.5
  • Preotu,Razvan 3.5
'Ray Robson won the strong Chicago Open on Monday with a score of 7/9. The 18-year-old American grandmaster edged out GMs Joshua Friedel and Nikolai Mitkov on tiebreak (modified median).

GM Ray Robson

The tournament drew over 20 grandmasters, including Aleksandr Lenderman and Victor Mikhalevski. The 22nd annual Chicago Open was held May 23-27 and organized by the Continental Chess Association.

The venue was the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel in Wheeling, Illinois. In 2010 Loek van Wely won, in 2011 Timur Gareev, in 2012 Gabriel Sargissian and this year Ray Robson took the title of Chicago Open Champion. Robson (18), who became a grandmaster just before turning 15, is a freshman at Webster University.

Robson finished on 7/9 together with Josh Friedel and Nikolai Mitkov, but had the best tiebreak.(more)'

Some background on the Chicago Open.


Final Standings

1GM Ray Robson2620MO7
2GM Joshua E Friedel2485WI7
3GM Nikola Mitkov2484MKD7
4IM Edward Porper2423CAN6.5
5GM Alexander Shabalov2544PA6.5
6GM Aleksandr Lenderman2585NY6
7GM Varuzhan Akobian2616KS6
8GM Victor Mikhalevski2551ISR6
9GM Fidel Corrales2604CUB6
10GM Alex Yermolinsky2497SD6
11GM Mikheil Kekelidze2509GEO6
12GM Alexander Fishbein2506NJ6
13GM Conrad Holt2513KS5.5
14GM Yaroslav Zherebukh2629UKR5.5
15IM Michael A Mulyar2383CO5.5
16IM Leonid Gerzhoy2469CAN5.5
17IM Irina Krush2470NY5.5
18GM Zviad Izoria2585NY5.5
19GM Dmitry Gurevich2492IL5.5
20GM Andre Diamant2479BRA5.5
21GM Vladimir Georgiev2559MKD5.5
22GM Mesgen Amanov2510TKM5.5
23IM Daniel Fernandez2396TX5.5
24FM Jeffery Xiong2376TX5
25IM Darwin Yang2485TX5
26Tigran Ishkhanov2306CA5
27GM Benjamin P Finegold2505MO5
28FM John Danie Bryant2442CA5
29Bradley J Denton2270AL5
30Thomas M Ulrich2213WI5
31FM Akshat Chandra2270NJ5
32Sam A Schmakel2192IL5
33IM Kayden W Troff2421UT5
34Denys Konstantin Shmelov2431UKR5
35Kevin Y Cao2201MO5
36FM Kevin Wasiluk2322MN5
37FM Michael Kleinman2302CAN4.5
38Deepak Aaron2257NY4.5
39GM Yury Shulman2570IL4.5
40FM Seth Homa2307MI4.5
41Walker Kyle Griggs2202OH4.5
42Benjamin Coraretti2151NM4.5
43FM Shivkumar Shivaji2272CA4.5
44Iskandar Aripov2196UZB4.5
45FM Gregory Markzon2191NJ4.5
46IM Vitaly Neimer2420ISR4.5
47FM Samuel Sevian2371CA4.5
48Sean Vibbert2255IN4.5
49Richard Tyler Francisco2277GA4.5
50FM Ali Morshedi2227CA4.5
51WGM Anna Sharevich2265BLR4.5
52FM Adarsh Jayakumar2336IL4.5
53IM Florin Felecan2375IL4
54Alexand Velikanov2210WI4
55Joshua Colas2201NY4
56Christopher Wu2199NJ4
57FM Cameron Wheeler2193CA4
58WFM Sarah Chiang2098TX4
59Derek Richard Paitrick2094WI4
60FM Eric S Rosen2289IL4
61GM Wesley So2705PHI4
62Badamkhand Norovsambuu1922MGL4
63FM Konstantin Kavutskiy2268MO4
64Jarod M Pamatmat2113TX4
65Razvan Preotu2221CAN3.5
66FM Steven D Greanias2132VA3.5
67Edward Song2093MI3.5
68Kai Jie Edward Lee2164SIN3.5
69Safal Bora2195MI3.5
70Erik Santarius2292WI3.5
71Yuanchen Zhang2045ON3.5
72FM Robby Adamson2284AZ3.5

e2e4 Sunningdale Open 2013
Hambleton clear first with 6.5/7

Calgary International 2013
GM Wesley So clear first 8/9.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Vancouver Sun-Sohal,Tanraj(CAN)

GM first then Doctor-Vancouver Sun

Future GM Tanraj Sohal

'Tanraj Sohal hopes to become a doctor but, first things first, he’d like to be a grandmaster in chess.

Sohal, a Grade 11 student at Fleetwood Park in Surrey, is well on his way to that goal. The 16-year-old just snagged his eighth national title at the Canadian Chess Challenge in Ottawa.

The competition pits the best provincial school age players in two days of timed round robin play.

“The games were pretty quick,” said Sohal, who holds the title of national master.

He said his second round, against a player from Ontario was the most intense. 

“No game is easy. If you lose one game, you know you are not going to come in first. You can’t make any mistakes.”

Competing is a lot of pressure, said Sohal, but he loves the game. Earlier, Sohal snagged the top title at the B.C. open, meaning he was the best player in the province of any age group.

Sohal started playing in Grade 1, and found the endless puzzles and possibilities of the game kept him engaged and wanting to play more.

“It’s creative. Your whole personality can be seen in your game. If you’re a risk-taker in life you’ll be a lot more attacking, more willing to weaken yourself for the chance to win. If you’re cautious, you’ll be more positional, not attacking but being careful and going after others’ weaknesses.”

Sohal describes himself as a combination of the two, with a “pretty universal style.”

He admires grandmaster and No. 1 ranked player Magnus Carlsen, a Norwegian that has been credited with bringing back the cachet chess hadn’t enjoyed since the 1970s, when American grandmaster Bobby Fischer achieved celebrity status after routing Russian Boris Spassky.

Like anyone his age, Sohal loves computer games, but he’s more likely to spend hours a day playing chess online.(more)'

Sunningdale Open 2013-05:IM Hambleton(CAN)

From Spraggett's Blog
'Congrats to Canadian IM Aman Hambleton for winning the Sunningdale Open held over the long weekend (24 to 27 May)! The seven round Open tournament was held in two sections, with the top section fielding 3 GMs and 3 IMs. 

Time control was the standard 90/game plus 30 seconds per move. One game Friday evening; two rounds for the rest.(more)'

More on the e2e4 Tournament Series
These tournament are held in nice hotels to ensure strong participation. Here's an example.

Hambleton was the top scoring Canadian.

1IM Hambleton, Aman6.5CAN246827832.14
32Gedajlovic, Max3.5CAN175120482.07
36Oussedik, Elias3CAN201021290.89
53Dydak, Mateusz1.5CAN19371733-1.44

Final Standings
Hambleton took clear first by a full point with 6.5/7.

1IM Hambleton, Aman6.5CAN246827832.14
2GM Hebden, Mark L5.5ENG253725720.4
3GM Williams, Simon K5ENG25112454-0.22
4IM Sarakauskas, Gediminas5LTU24212321-0.66
5IM Bates, Richard A5ENG23762345-0.05
6GM Arkell, Keith C4.5ENG24722391-0.48
7FM Sowray, Peter J4.5ENG23652170-1.33
8FM Eggleston, David J4.5ENG235423580.25
9FM Buchicchio, Giampaolo4.5ITA230623260.29
10FM Ledger, Dave J4.5ENG228722860.07
11FM Croad, Nicolas4.5NZL22772230-0.29
12Longson, Alexander4.5ENG227323020.4
13Jackson, James P4.5ENG22212183-0.21
14FM Poobalasingam, Peter S4.5ENG221123030.91
15Bird, Andrew4.5AUS219022981.06
16Osborne, Marcus E4ENG22632244-0.08
17Spence, David J4ENG22202170-0.32
18Tozer, Philip A A4ENG216522170.44
19McPhillips, Joseph4ENG214222460.97
20Peat, Matthew4ENG209421610.43
21Lunn, Matthew4ENG200421090.98
22Oyama, Akito4ENG192221572.15
23Burrows, Martin P3.5ENG214421660.22
24Batchelor, Peter J3.5ENG21322016-1.04
25Varnam, Liam D3.5ENG21182075-0.36
26Sullivan, Daniel JS3.5ENG2105 *19991999
27Bridge, Neil A3.5ENG207521330.41
28McCullough, Simon L3.5ENG207021210.36
29Sara, Valerio3.5ITA20482033-0.2
30Bucher, Grant W3.5ENG203920660.22
31Taylor, Adam C3.5ENG196120740.8
32Gedajlovic, Max3.5CAN175120482.07
33CM Friedland, Jon S3ENG21181936-1.7
34WFM Chevannes, Sabrina L3ENG208322530.56
35Bonafont, Philip R3ENG207320870.06
36Oussedik, Elias3CAN201021290.89
37Amato, Giampiero3ITA197820040.17
38Gibson, Christopher A3ENG194721441.32
39Sucikova, Svetlana3SVK190119900.65
40Crockart, Scott A2.5ENG21471913-1.56
41Roberts, David L2.5ENG20661941-1.04
42WFM Kisteneva, Liza2.5RUS205320880.11
43McKerracher, Douglas2.5SCO20531957-1.07
44Savage, Nicholas W2.5ENG20241927-1.05
45Fegan, Chris2.5ENG201121240.74
46Moss, Guy2.5ISR198220410.33
47Staniforth, Matthew2.5WLS19401884-0.59
48Shakespeare, John2.5WLS191919360.11
49White, David J2ENG19631776-1.5
50Kalaiyalahan, Akshaya2ENG187219040.2
51Hernandez Castro, Julio Ce2ESP18481763-0.81
52WFM Stolberg-Rohr, Thomine1.5DEN20371898-1.28
53Dydak, Mateusz1.5CAN19371733-1.44
54Truman, Richard G1.5ENG19161781-1.13
55Kreuzer, Christopher R L1ENG19601660-1.58

Here is Hambleton's win over veteran GM Hebden.

Hebden,Mark L (2537) - Hambleton,Aman (2468)

Queen’s Indian 4.e3[E14]
e2e4 Sunningdale Open Sunningdale Park
Ascot, England (6), 27.05.2013

Position 1
Black has taken over the game after beating back the first wave of white's attempted attack. What do you recommend for black now?

Black to Play

Canadian Game of the Week-CFC Newsfeed

Canadian Game of the Week
This is a regular feature of the CFC.

King's Indian g3    
Analysis by Keith MacKinnon-05/27/2013
'This week's game was played at the March of Kings, a yearly tradition at the Calgary Chess Club. Black's opening goes wrong in the following game, and white exploits his troubles with some neat moves.(more)'