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Monday, April 1, 2013

U of T Hart House Reading Week Open 2013

Report and Final Standings HHchess HHOpen 2013
From Alex Ferreira Chesstalk

'125 players came and played in the Reading Week Open. Very consistent with our normal standards, though we will try to match the Winter Open's attendance at some point in future

We were a bit upset with ourselves mostly, for having started the 1st round about 1 hour late. A mix of having a computer setback (which could have totally been avoided with more advanced preparation), and some snow that delayed several of the participants. Something that must be improved for next time. Being more strict with late registrations will be necessary as well.

Apart from that, the tournament was an overall success. Most players seemed to have enjoyed it. In particular, 8 players played in their first ever tournament and at least 5 of them who I talked to in more detail were truly excited about the experience.

The Winners:

In the Open Section, tournament favourite Grandmaster Bator Sambuev topped the group with 4.5/5, taking down IMs Noritsyn and Vavrak as well upcoming star Razvan Preotu. Only a draw conceded to IM Tomas Krnan.

IM Bindi Cheng and Razvan Preotu shared 2nd and 3rd with 4.0 points each.
Within the Open Section, three players split the U2300 prize. WFM Jackie Peng, Konstantin Semianiuk and our right-hand-man for these tournaments, Geordie Derraugh.

Under 2200

In the U2200, playing all the top competition, Matthew Nicholson came clear first with 4.5/5. Zehn Nasir took 2nd with 4 points, and Bill Evans shared 3rd with UT troublemaker Jonathan Yu.

Under 1900
The largest section this time was U1900, with 42 players. All the favourites finished just below the prize-winnings. Derick Aghamalian took clear 1st with 4.5 points.

Two more youngsters, Daniel Sirkovich and Alexandre Michelashvili, along with veteran Will Rutherdale, shared the rest of the exploits. All clear outperforming their ratings, climbing the ranks with the next section in sight for next time!

Under 1600

In the U1600, Harry Zhao cleared the field, entering the last round with 4/4! He had to play his dad in the last round, Yanchun Zhao, who also did terrific again and finished 2nd-4th. Chess is in the family -- Taking also 2nd-4th were upcoming juniors, Richard Guo and Daniel Liu.

Team Prize
For a change, the Team Prize never seemed in doubt. The 'Zen Masters' took a lead and never looked back. They were Matthew Nicholson, Zehn Nasir, Robert Li and Richard Guo.

Big Thanks
I also want to thank Bryan Lamb for an amazing job as always.

Making this tournament possible were also the stellar Hart House Chess Club Volunteers.

The phenomenal people who go above and beyond: Leon Perelman, Haizhou Xu, Geordie Derraugh.

And with the essential on-site help, making the difference: Adrienne Todd, Jack Ding, Jonathan Yu, Bindi Cheng, Chris Wehrfritz, Samir Hossain, as well as our alumni who weren't even playing in the tournament, Edward Chan, Kit Ng, Bernd Hahn.

We also had the pleasure of having Aquino Inigo with us again. At Hart House tournaments, we gladly offer High School students the opportunity to help out and collect volunteer hours to graduate.

Thank you all for coming, and hope it was an enjoyable experience,

Alex Ferreira
Hart House Chess Club

#NameRatngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalPrize$
1Bator Sambuev2673W15W3D5W4W64.51100
2Bindi Cheng2500W14W21D4D5W84550
3Razvan Preotu2407W23L1W12W11W54550
4Nikolay Noritsyn2586W27W7D2L1W133.5 
5Tomas Krnan2568W16W8D1D2L33 
6Peter Vavrak2505W11W9H---H---L13 
7Victor Plotkin2369W17L4H---W16D103 
8Haizhou Xu2335W24L5W19W20L23 
9Konstantin Semianiuk2268W18L6L20W19W14393.33
10Geordie Derraugh2247L21D14W24W22D7393.33
11Jackie Peng2208L6W18W26L3W20393.33
12Hans Jung2292H---W26L3L14W182.5 
13David Filipovich2229H---D20D21W15L42.5 
14Yuanchen Zhang2205L2D10W27W12L92.5 
15Mike Ivanov2230L1W23D22L13D172 
16Aquino Inigo2216L5D24W17L7D212 
17Gordon Olheiser2163L7D27L16W26D152 
18Stephan Tonakanian2140L9L11W23W21L122 
19Lali Agbabishvili2111H---D22L8L9W262 
20Joey Zhong2052H---D13W9L8L112 
21Allan Munro2051W10L2D13L18D162 
22Yuetong [davy] Zhao1934H---D19D15L10D232 
23Avinaash Sundar2164L3L15L18B---D221.5 
24David Itkin2146L8D16L10X27U---1.5 
25Sergey Noritsyn2086U---U---U---U---W271 
26Neal Pan2018B---L12L11L17L191 
27David Southam2221L4D17L14F24L250.5 

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