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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Philadelphia Open 2013 Rd3-IM Hambleton,A(CAN)

TWIC 960
IM Hambleton,A got into a tactical brawl with GM Corrales Jimenez who eventually prevailed in a hard game to analyze. Black started well with a lead in development but Hambleton fought back in a complex battle.

Here is the feature game.

Hambleton,A (2463) - Corrales Jimenez,F (2601)
Semi-Slav 6.Qc2 Bd6 7.e4 [D45]
7th Philadelphia Open USA (3), 28.03.2013

Position 1
Both sides are trying to kill each other off but black has the immediate threat after 25..Re3. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play

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