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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edmonton International 2013 Rd1-GM Hansen E(CAN)

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[Games have brief notes only-Sorry I am in a tournament now]

Daily Report-By Vlad Rekhson
Great reports now available.

Day 2
'This is the strongest International in history with GM norms set at 6.5/9! The first GM encounter of the competition featured GM Victor Mikhalevski from Israel against GM Eric Hansen from Calgary. It appeared as if Victor was pressuring the Calgarian from the white side of the Gruenfeld Defense, an opening which they both play.

Victor's d pawn was quite advanced but Eric managed to stop it and even turned the corner on Victor in mutual time trouble. Just as it appeared like Eric may be able to start a conversion of his extra pawn, Victor sacrificed an exchange and received an equal position when Eric had an exchange for a pawn so the two decided to call it a day.

...In additional the the main event a B section is taking place as well. There are 6 players taking part in the event but a total of 4 federations are represented!

In round 1 FM Gicev from Edmonton (representing Macedonia) defeated WCM Alexandra Botez in a nice tactic which used the strength of his fianchettoed bishop.(more)'-See full report

Day 1
'The 8th Edmonton International got on its way with a lecture by GM Nigel Short. GM Short's lecture was attended by over 40 chess enthusiasts who gathered at the Edmonton Chess Club. 

GM Short giving his lecture

 The lecture was covering the recent game which Nigel played against GM Van Wely in Sweden. 

GM Lazaro Bruzon in his simul

The lecture was followed up by a simul of GM Lazaro Bruzon. Lazaro's simul was quite popular and unfortunately some players had to be turned away in order to not overstep the limit of 21 participants as was originally arranged. (more)'-See full report

The tournament got off to a rocking start with 4 out of the 5 games being decisive.


Mikhalevski-Hansen draw
g3 Grunfeld 7.Ne2(D76)

A hard fought draw.


Porper-Short 0-1
English Defence(A40)
White was squeezed in an ending.

Black(Short) to Play

GM Short found the nice 40...Ne2! shot and white's rook was out of squares. 41.Rd3 Bf5! and 0-1.

Gardner-Wang 0-1
Slav 6.Ne5 Sokolov Variation(D17)
White was tactically dominated.

Black(Wang) to Play

IM Wang played the simple looking 22...Rfd8!(threatening ..c5) and white was helpless.

Haessel-Bruzon 0-1
Semi-Slav 8...e5(D47)

Haessel let a promising position slip away. Bruzon fought back and in the end found found a nice combination.

GM Bruzon

Here is the Haessel-Bruzon game.

Black to Play

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