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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ouvert de l'Outaouais June 7-9 2013

Final Standings-FQE
Report from Gilles Jobin on Chesstalk 
Official Site-Matoutaouais Ligue d'échecs de l'Outaouais

'The tournament (97 players!) was a real success. Congratulations to the winners: 
  • Open-GM Sambuev Bator
  • Section B-Luc Villeneuve and Ananda Saha
  • Section C-Ben Kellar'
Games will be available soon.

See the Newsfeed for the complete report
'...Bringing back the TORO after a long pause, Marcel Laurin, organizer and president of the Outaouais Chess League did an outstanding work. He was seconded by National Arbiter Jean-Roger Boutin of Quebec, tournament director of the FIDE rated section A and Regis Bellemare, arbiter of sections B and C. 

The excellent work of the organizing team, the great tournament hall in Gatineau Town Hall and the $5000 guaranteed prize fund should make this tournament become a major chess event over the next years.(more)-Regis Bellemare'

More About The Outaouais Region

Gateway to the province of Quebec and minutes away from Ottawa, Canada's capital, the Outaouais region offers a year-round kaleidoscope of activities in Gatineau and the surrounding countryside. Readily accessible and just two hours' drive from Montreal, the region is a popular destination for visitors of all kinds.

Final Standings
GM Sambuev won(as expected) with 4.5/5 and IM Hebert was second with 4/5.

1SAMBUEV Bator4.5/52589
2HEBERT Jean4/52409
3HAMILTON Robert3.5/52305
4LAROCHELLE Martial3.5/52186
5LAPTOS Kris3.5/52271
6TOMB Maroun3.5/52184
7KRAIOUCHKINE Nikita3/52310
8COVA Ramon J.3/52088
9PACEY Kevin3/52251
10KALRA Agastya3/52084
11UPPER John3/52167
12MASSE Hugues2.5/52153
13PALSSON Halldor2.5/51993
14DE KERPEL Stijn2.5/51990
15DUMONT Félix2.5/52151
16CORRIVEAU Philippe2.5/51985
17DUNNE Francesco2.5/51972
18ZHOU Qiyu2/51957
19DESJARDINS Michel2/51869
20LIBERSAN Mattieu2/41867
21YANG Ryan1.5/51711
22FORGET David1.5/51794
23DONEV Danail1.5/51895
24SADEGHI Saeid1.5/52018
25SUN Mike1.5/31879
26DOUBLEDAY William G.1/42023
27MARTIN Spencer1/41957
28ROSE Richard0.5/31867
29JEBUR Akrem0/32000

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