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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ontario and Quebec Scholastic Team Championships 2013

Report-Frank Dixon on Chesstalk(Exerpt)

'Nearly 90 young players, most of whom travelled by chartered bus to Kingston, from Montreal and Toronto, competed in what has become a very nice traditional scholastic teams event at Queen's University. 

IA Larry Bevand and his CMA team, which I assisted, orchestrated a smoothly-run tournament with no disputes and great sportsmanship all round. 

The high school section was captured by University of Toronto Schools 'A' team, which won all five matches across four boards. Runner-up was Thornhill Secondary School.

The board one competition was intense, with at least six Masters and strong Experts taking part. The event had Michael Song (Henderson, Toronto), Christopher Knox (UTS A), Mark Plotkin (Thornhill), Zong Yang Yu (Notre Dame, Montreal), WCM Jackie Peng (UTS A), and David Itkin (Thorhnill).' 

Report-Larry Bevand on Chesstalk
'This is a great event which the Chess'n Math Association is very proud to organize and sponsor. I would like to thank Drew Metcalfe, President of the Queen's University Chess Club for taking care of the paperwork! Frank Dixon who is always a positive element to our event!

Big action

Quebec, won by a narrow margin, the girls championahip 16-14 after having lost by a wide margin last year.

Chess'n Math rents two from Toronto and one from Montreal...we provide free transportattion to Queen's University in Kingston Ontario for the players...and a nominal fee to parents. We also provide free pizza (they ate up 22 XL Pizzas!) and drinks.(more)'

More big action

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