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Sunday, June 30, 2013

GM Hansen(CAN) Will Play in Bundesliga 2013-14

GMs Eric Hansen(CAN) and Kamil Dragun(POL) join the Bundesliga.

Wattenscheid Gets Two Young Players-By Georgios Souleidis
SV Wattenscheid reinforced its team for the 2013/14 season with two young grandmasters.

In Chess League A, a clear trend can be seen. The clubs increasingly recruit young players who are significantly more merciless in contrast to most of the "old hands" and you do not even need to pay more in general.

Accordingly, the SV Wattenscheid uses this proven recipe and presents for the coming season, two new young grandmasters. Eric Hansen with an Elo of 2577, # 1 in Canada.

GM Hansen

For the games for his new club but he does not have to travel across the Atlantic, for the 21-year-old currently lives in Spain.(more)

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