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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Team Quebec March 9 Training Camp

Team Quebec March 9 Training Camp-chesstalk Team Quebec
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Sponsored by PepsiCo
Report by Felix Dumont

Last Saturday(March 9) took place the third meeting of Team-Quebec 2013. The team came back this year with three teachers : GM Bator Sambuev, FM Lefong Hua and FM Sylvain Barbeau. The team is also possible this year thanks to its only sponsor (for the moment) Pepsico.

The format slightly changed this year. The participants spend the first two hours with their teacher, while the last two hours now consist of supervised play (under the supervision of the expert Thierry Libersan).

The participants also had promotional objects this year. The FQE gave every participant a bag, mainly containing a chess set. They will now be able to bring this set every week, and also keep all the exercises they will receive.

Bags provided by the FQE

Last year, participants of Team-Quebec incredibly progressed. This year, some of them participated in a youth championship in New York state and had great results. Maïli-Jade Ouellet, among others, won her section. It will be interesting to see what happens this year.

In any case, we can see two young players that have already made great progress this year :

Picture 1

Maximo Alcantara(l) against Oscar Sprumont(r)

We can also see the game of Maximo Alcantara against Oscar Sprumont, which ended up in a win for Black after a long fight.

Picture 2

Ananda Saha(l) and Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux(r).

The latter (and younger) even had the chance to win against his more experienced opponent. 

Picture 3

Oleksandr Nikulich(l) against Nicholas Johnson(r)

Finally, in the last picture, we can see Oleksandr Nikulich against Nicholas Johnson, whose game ended up in a draw.

About Felix Dumont-by Felix Dumont from Chesstalk F.Dumont background
'I started playing back in high school. I wanted to join the school math club, but to my surprise, the only preparation was to play chess… So I learned to play seriously, and got much better over the years.

Organizer Felix Dumont

Back then, I also noticed that developing my logic through chess greatly helped me in school (I finished respectively 7th and 2nd in provincial mathematics and chemistry contests and got the best grades in my high school and Cegep).

This is why I now try to promote chess among kids (like with Team-Quebec) ; I know chess can greatly help kids at school. When I arrived in Cegep, with a FQE rating slightly over 2100, and realized that while chess greatly helps in elementary school and high school, it can be quite harmful for further studies…

So, I started playing less and instead use my spare time volunteering. I organized the 2012 Canadian Closed with Nicolas Arsenault and Claude Lalumière, some tournaments at McGill (including the 2013 CUCC and the upcoming McGill Open), helped launching Team-Quebec, wrote articles for the FQE magazine, managed social media accounts for the FQE…

During the last three summers, thanks to a federal program, I was able to work at the FQE and help organizing the Quebec Open and working on the website.

This year, I helped with the FQE-CFC deal and joined the CFC as a Quebec governor, and started studying at McGill University in physics, mathematics and computer science. I will leave my spot at the FQE for someone else in the future though, as I was hired by an astrophysics group at my university.
by Felix Dumont

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