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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

IM Hambleton in the News-ChesDom Interview

IM Hambleton gets more exposure on ChessDom.
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IM Hambleton(r) at the RACC Ch 2013

ChessDom Chessdom IM Aman Hambleton(great full interview)

What are your future tournaments and the ones you most look forward to?

Coming up in just a few days is the Philadelphia International so I’m looking forward to yet another chance to play for a GM norm. Looking further into my future, the next important event that I will be seriously preparing for is the Continental Championship for the Americas taking place in Bolivia May 6-15th. There the norms are worth double and I can also earn a spot to the World Cup 2013 with a top-4 finish. 

I’m taking this event very seriously, and hope to follow the footsteps of my countrymen GM Eric Hansen who finished =1st at the last Continentals in Argentina 2012 and will play at the World Cup. I would like to join him there!

You, together with GM Eric Hansen, are spearheading the future of Canadian chess. How do you see the general development of the game in the country?

The level of chess in Canada is improving lately. More players can be seen interested and studying the game, and we have a lot of new, strong junior players who have risen to recent successes. The problem is that we have no effective program like Chess In Schools or government support for chess. 

This means that chess is restricted to a hobby, passion, or pastime instead of a culture. I think this is the biggest hindrance in terms of the future potential for growth. We have the talent but no special grants in place to nurture the ones who possess it. 

As I mentioned already, we also do not have very many events yielding real norm opportunities until the summer, so that’s why a lot of Canadians are underrated and under-titled. I think the future of Canadian chess is picking up pace, but there are so many changes I would like to see. 

The top players from Canada need to receive more support from the federation or they will stop competing regularly as so many great Canadian players have done in the past.

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