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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quebec Open 2013 Rd8-IM Panjwani R(CAN)

TWIC 977
Results/Live Games/Quebec Open 2013 and Photos-Preotu,Rene Gallery
Here is a GM scalp taken by IM Panjwani with subtle RRN-RRB endgame play.

 GM Chirila(left) - IM Panjwani(right)

Chirila,Ioan-Cristian (2528) - Panjwani,Raja (2409)
Queen’s Indian[E16]
COQ Invitational 2013 
Montreal CAN (8.5), 27.07.2013

Position 1
White was looking to simplify the position but black played the surprising  retreat 15..Nb8! and won a pawn.

Black to Play


Position 2
The knight dominates the bishop but white has the passed a-pawn for counterplay. What do you recommend for black?

Black to Play


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