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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gatineau Open 2013 Final Standings

Final Standings chesstalk
IM Hambleton and Elias Oussedik tied for first with 4.5/5. IM Hebert suffered two losses and settled for 3/5. Thanks to Halldor Palsson for posting the results on Chesstalk, John Upper for photos and Gilles Jobin for posting PGN games.


1Aman Hambleton25844.5
2Elias Oussedik22534.5
3Mihnea Voloaca23613.5
4Robert Hamilton23603.5
5Armando Valdizon22453.5
6Kevin Pacey22083.5
7Qiyu Zhou21303.5
8Stijn De Kerpel21283.5
9Agastya Kalra21013.5
10Jean Hebert24513
11Olivier Kenta Chiku-ratte 22363
12Ramon J Cova20753
13Spencer Martin19553
14Michel Guimond19413

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