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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kitchener-Waterloo Open 2013

Kitchener-Waterloo Riedstra Memorial Open
By Ralph Deline chesstalk KW Open 2013
See Also His Great Photos Ralphsattic Kitchener-waterloo-winter-open 2013
Tournament site-Kitchener-Waterloo CC KWChess

'This year we had 81 participants. There were a couple of bumps in the road with pairings and byes, but other than that, everything went quite smoothly. Nevertheless, we did have a few long games and with Daylight Savings, it was close to 1:00 am when I got home Sunday morning, so even though I originally had good intentions, fourth round pairings did not get posted. Maybe next time.'

Playing Hall
Open Section
GM Bator Sambuev Ist place, 5 points,
IM Bindi Cheng, Christopher Knox 2nd and 3rd place, 4 points
Razvan Preotu, Adam Cormier, 3 1/2 points
Konstantin Semianiuk, Gordon Olheiser, Andrew Peredun, Mike Ivanov, Alex T. Ferreira, 3 points
Michael Song, Hans Jung, Andre Zybura, Yinshi Li, 2 1/2 points
Geordie Derraugh, Jackie Peng, Thair Sabbagh, Steve Demmery, Dale McTavish, Agastya Kalra, 2 points
Damir Miletic, Joey Zhong, 1 1/2 points
Tony Bohan Bao, 1 point

Open section winners
Christopher Knox(l), IM Bindi Cheng(c), GM Bator Sambuev(r)

Ferdinand Supsup 1st place, 4 1/2 points
Jeffrey Xu, Richard Chen 2nd & 3rd place, 4 points
Michael von Keitz, Tyler Ensor, Bruce Highcock, 3 1/2 points
Eugene Hua, Nicholas Jackson, Mario Piccinin, Mathanhe Kaneshalingam, Dinny Wang, Istvan Kiss, Tim Knechtel 3 points
Harmony Zhu, Thomas Guo, Lee Hendon, Robert Gillanders, 2 1/2 points
Brian Clarke, Fernando Echavarria-Hidalgo, 2 points
Rachel Tao, Rob Gashgarian, Wenyang Ming, George Dragasanu, Mate Milinkovic, Constance Wang, 1 1/2 points
Janet Peng, 1/2 point

Jeffrey Xu, Ferdinand Supsup(c), Richard Chen

Daniel Liu, Immanuel Huang, Gary Hua, Dennis Shamroni 1st place, 4 points
Richard Feng, Frank Wang, Muralie Vignarajah, 3 1/2 points
John If Lujezich, Jeannie Zhang, Nicholas Wu, 3 points
Marcell Csoka, Diego Rosales, Richard Morrison, Kai Gauer, Robin Johnston, Richard Guo, Stefano Lee, 2 1/2 points
Ethan Zheng, James Williamson, Jack Li, Dee Wu, 2 points
Adam Gaisinsky, Peter Downie, Ellen Tao, Andy Maaser, 1 1/2 points

Dennis Shamroni(far L), Immanuel Huang(l), Daniel Liu(r), Gary Hua(far r)

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