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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

COM(Trois Rivieres) 2013 Rd1,GM R-Roozmon, T(CAN)

Canadian GM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon is not really a high profile GM. He was one of the two GMs who played in the COM Open where he scored 3/5.

He won a nice game in rd1 with the Open Spanish.

GM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon Bio canadianchess
  • 2010 Awarded title of Grandmaster
  • 2010 Represented Canada at Olympiad; undefeated on Board 2; final Grandmaster Norm
  • 2008 Represented Canada at Olympiad
  • 2008 1st place, First Saturday Grand Master March, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2007 Grandmaster Norm at Quebec Open
  • 2007 2nd place, Quebec Open Championship
  • 2006 Represented Canada at Olympiad 

GM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon at the Olympiad, 2010

Here is the feature game.

Libersan,Thierry (2079) - R.-Roozmon,Thomas (2466) 
Spanish Open 9.c3 Bc5[C82]
C.O.M. 2013 (1), 15.03.2013

Position 1
Black has played ..b4 for queenside counterplay and is pressing the c3 pawn. For now white seems to be in the game. What do you suggest for black now?

Black to Play


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