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Friday, March 29, 2013

TCh-CAT Div Hon 2013-GM Spraggett,K(CAN)

TWIC 959
GM Spraggett lost a tough R-R ending in Team Championship play.

Spraggett,K (2577) - Alsina Leal,D (2511) 
Sicilian Najdorf 6.h3[B90]
TCh-CAT Div Hon 2013 Catalonia ESP (8.1), 09.03.2013

Position 1
The R-R ending position after 44...d3 is sharp with both sides having passed pawns. What do you recommend for white?
  • 45.Kb7(gaining a tempo in the race)
  • 45.Re1(preparing to support the a-pawn from behind and stop the d-pawn from the first rank)
  • Something else
White to Play

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