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Monday, March 4, 2013

Sohal,T(CAN) Wins Webster Scholarship

Full story see Susanpolgar Winners-of-2013-sp-national-open
Tanraj Sohal(CAN) won a $56,000 scholarship.

Sohal,T(left), Polgar,S (center) and Annastasia Marie Wyzywany(right)

Mrs Sohal(l), Polgar,S (center) Sohal,T(r)

And the winners of the 2013 SP National Open for Girls and Boys are...

K-2 boys: 

Joseph Xia (LA) 6-0

K-2 girls: 
Kate Bergeron (LA) and Alexandra Nicole Nager (AL)

3-5 boys: 
Max Holmes (LA), Brian Valigosky (LA), Dhiren Brickman (LA), and Chase Beams (LA) 5-1

3-5 girls: 
Ellison Grace Van Scoy (OH) and Elizabeth Miller + tablet computer (NY) 5.5

6-8 boys: 
Tom Polgar (MO) + tablet computer 6-0

6-8 girls:
Nancy Wang (NY) 6-0 + tablet computer

9-12 boys: 
Tanraj Sohal (Canada) 6-0 (scholarship to Webster University approx $56,000 value)

9-12 girls: 
Annastasia Marie Wyzywany (LA) 6-0 (scholarship to Webster University - 2nd time she wins the scholarship!)

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