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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BC Open 2013

Open Section Victoriachessclub BCOpen 2013Sohal took clear first with a perfect 5/5.

'The 2013 BC Open took place at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Richmond on the new BC Day holiday weekend 9 to 11 February. The event drew 79 players from four countries which is close to a 30 year record; surpassed only by a 1984 event and 2 events during the Fischer boom years.(more)-see website

Roger Patterson presenting the first play cheque to Sohal
Photo-Mrs Sohal (from tournament website)

1Tanraj S Sohal22055.0
2Alfred Pechisker22424.5
3Jack [kun] Cheng22224.0
4James Chan21604.0
5Butch Villavieja23043.5
6Alisher Sanetullaev21693.5
7John Doknjas20943.5
8Roger Patterson20843.5
10Matthew Herdin19763.5
11Jason Kenney22503.0
12Jason Cao22233.0
13Yifei Han21293.0
14Ruining [ray] Wu20423.0
15Darko Dimitrijevic20273.0
16Yiming Han19263.0
17Max Gedajlovic17893.0
18Richard Ingram20092.5
19Joe Soliven20012.5
20Robert North19102.5
21Joe Roback18852.5
22George Kosinski18652.5
23Paul Leblanc18282.5
24Joanne Foote16992.5

Under 1800
Hector Rathburn took clear first with 4.5/5.

1Hector Rathburn16504.5
2Mau-seng Lee17584.0
3Constantin Rotariu17494.0
4Andrew Hoyer15864.0
5Duncan Haines15324.0
6Peter Thompson17953.5
7Karl [lizhe] Cui17293.5
8Dilip Panjwani16603.5
9Subinoy Biswas17763.0
10Kent Cronin17693.0
11Ashley Tapp14853.0
12Doug Sly14683.0
13Nicholas Peters13673.0
14Yekta Saremi13203.0

Here is a game from the winner of the Open section.

Sohal,Tanraj (2205) - Cheng,Jack (2222)
King’s Indian[E99]
BC op Richmond (4.1), 11.02.2013

Position 1
Black has just attack the queen with 24...Rb7. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


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