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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BC Open Richmond 2013 Rd5-Pechisker,A

This game was played at the recent BC Open and pitted a rising star-Jason Cao against a veteran master, Alfred Pechisker who came second with 4.5/5. Young Jason Cao,himself a master, finished with a respectable 3/5 but for a master this is a disappointing result.

Jason first burst into prominence by winning the World Under 10 Championships in 2010.


1Tanraj S Sohal2205 5.0
2Alfred Pechisker2242 4.5
3Jack [kun] Cheng2222 4.0
4James Chan2160 4.0
5Butch Villavieja2304 3.5
6Alisher Sanetullaev2169 3.5
7John Doknjas2094 3.5
8Roger Patterson2084 3.5
10Matthew Herdin1976 3.5
11Jason Kenney2250 3.0
12Jason Cao2223 3.0
13Yifei Han2129 3.0
14Ruining [ray] Wu2042 3.0
15Darko Dimitrijevic2027 3.0
16Yiming Han1926 3.0
17Max Gedajlovic1789 3.0

Pechisker,Alfred(2242) - Cao,Jason(2223) KID 
Saemisch 6.Bg5 a6[E81]
BC op Richmond (5), 11.02.2013

Position 1
White has a clear extra pawn, a passer on the 7th rank and all the play. What do you suggest for white now?

White to Play


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