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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hamilton Winter Open 2013 Rd4

Rd4 Picutures and Captions by Walter De Jong chesstalk Hamilton Winter Open 2013
About Walter
'I, on the other hand, am actually Canadian. Although I haven't lived in Canada for 25-plus years. When you become a highly specialized scientist, you just move to wherever the (rare) job openings in your discipline happen to be. For me, that's meant Canada->USA->England->Scotland->back to USA.'-by Walter De Jong on Chesstalk

Round 4 - Top Guns
1 Victor Plotkin --- Mike Ivanov
2 Razvan Preotu --- Hans Jung
3 Doug Bailey --- Roman Sapozhnikov
4 Adam Cormier --- Jura Ochkoos
5 Mark Plotkin --- Yuanchen Zhang
6 Jackie Peng --- Yuetong [davy] Zhao
7 Raymond Singh --- Gordon Gooding
8 Joey Zhong --- Keith Wight

[Victor had the white pieces, and is on the right-Walter de Jong] 
Victor Plotkin(r) playing Mike Ivanov(l)
Exciting finish to round 4: K, B and N versus K, and on board 1 at that.

A crowd gathers. Does Victor(Plotkin) know how to mate with B+N?
Eventually - yes!

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