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Friday, May 31, 2013

GM Spraggett's Blog Returning Soon

Message From GM Spraggett
Yesterday blogger closed down my popular blog for reasons that Blogger itself knows. I was informed only after the fact that my blog contained ''malicious javascript'' and that the powers that be deemed this sufficient cause to close a blog that had millions of pageviews over the past 4 years. Ofcourse, Blogger can do as it wishes. No doubt complaints about the often controversial political commentary must be factored into the equation. 

As must the fact that my blog is NOT for children, but aimed precisely towards a very much neglected segment of our population: adults. However, as I have said time and again, anyone who wishes to challenge my opinions or actions is free to do so in a court of law...

My blog has always operated within the policy guideline of Blogger as well as legal principles concerning freedom of expression. In any case, this is all a small issue, as I have been planning to move my blog over to Tumblr or/and Wordpress. Yesterday's action only speeds it up. 

My popular blog ''Spraggett on Chess'' will start up tonight or tomorrow. 100% of the Blogger content will also follow in the coming days. I have no doubt that my tens of thousands of blog readers will continue to receive the same high quality content and service. And I can asure you that my political commentary will continue to be as much a thorn in the side of some inside our chess community. 

My new blog would have already been up and running today, except that today is the final day for me to submit my tax returns here in Portugal, and this takes priority. 

Yesterday's action by Blogger is just a minor affair... best regards Kevin Spraggett I just received this from the chess Grand Master. This will be my last post here at the BaconLOG.

I urge you to surf on over to my new Armchair Warrior blog 

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