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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ashley Tapp at the Keres 2013-05

Canadian Hopeful at the Keres Memorial
[All photos by Sophia Hague]

Ashley Tapp played in the under 2000 and finished with 1.5/6. She played up a  section to gain valuable experience rather than the under 1600 where she would have had a chance for a high finish.

Tapp's rating has climbed from the 1300s from the WYCC 2012 in Maribor to a peak of 1659 before dropping back to 1503.

The playing hall

She plans to play in the CYCC July 10-13 and the Canadian Open July 14-20 later in the summer. 

Her fundraising activities keep her busy and include a big fundraiser combining chess and Martial Arts with a local school-Dojang Martial Arts. More details coming soon.

Tapp(left) Ashley is shaking hands with IM Orlov,G(USA) 
IM Raymond Kaufman is in the background.

Ashley getting ready to play

Coach Stephen Wright(left) working with Ashley(right)

Final Standings Under 2000

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Total
1Joe Soliven1995W22W9W7W2W6D45.5
2Hiva Menbari1946W30W10W11L1W17W125
3Joshua Doknjas1809D27W35W5L18W26W174.5
4Marionito Jose1635L14W38W8W11W18D14.5
5Robert North1948W24H---L3H---W32W164
6Neale Monkhouse1863D17W27W15W14L1D94
7Eugenio Alonso Campos1860W12W26L1W23D16D104
8Philip Harris1770W36L16L4W25W33W184
9Paul Leblanc1763W28L1W30D26W27D64
10Peter Yee1752W33L2D31W15W14D74
11Mau-seng Lee1732W38W19L2L4W34W204
12Andrew Toi1546L7W40W29W21W20L24
13Richard Ingram1977L23W32L17D30W36W223.5
14Jofrel Landingin1894W4D15W23L6L10W263.5
15Hector Rathburn1751W34D14L6L10W28W273.5
16Kent Cronin1702W39W8W18L17D7L53.5
17Michael Su1616D6W21W13W16L2L33.5
18Richard Lapenna1876W31W29L16W3L4L83
19Constantin Rotariu1825W25L11L22L32W38W313
20George Kosinski1822W32L---W24W22L12L113
21Karl [lizhe] Cui1790D35L17W36L12D31W343
22Sylvain Gaudreau1693L1W28W19L20W23L133
23Houshyar Ghandi1677W13W---L14L7L22W333
24Gilles Bruneau1664L5W34L20D28D30W323
25Jill Ding1544L19W39L26L8W29W303
26Payam Mousavi1713W40L7W25D9L3L142.5
27Nathaniel Knox1535D3L6W35W31L9L152.5
28Kevin Low1470L9L22W38D24L15W362.5
29Chris Johnston1735W37L18L12L34L25W392
30Kai Richardson1645L2W33L9D13D24L252
31Luke Pulfer1622L18W37D10L27D21L192
32Robert Hamm1539L20L13W37W19L5L242
33Stewart Paulson1342L10L30W---W35L8L232
34James Chometa1328L15L24W40W29L11L212
35Brian Sullivan1513D21L3L27L33L39W401.5
36Ashley Tapp1503L8H---L21W37L13L281.5
37Rinna Yu1324L29L31L32L36D40W381.5
38Frank Hou1195L11L4L28W40L19L371
39Kennedy Rojasunr.L16L25U---U---W35L291
40Annika Zhou1049L26L12L34L38D37L350.5

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