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Thursday, May 16, 2013

St. Andrew’s Catholic School(Ont-CAN) Does Well-May 8

St. Andrew’s(Ont-CAN) Takes Chess Tournament Titles

Cutler Lacombe(left) and Mitchell Summers(right)
St. Andrew’s Catholic School
St. Andrew’s Catholic School dominated at this year’s inter-school chess tournament May 8, winning both the A and B divisions and tying with George Vanier Catholic School in the C division.

Six schools – St. Andrew’s, George Vanier, Killaloe Public School, St. John Bosco Catholic School, St. Mary’s Catholic School and St. James Catholic School – competed in the annual event, hosted by Bosco for the first time this year.

Historically the tournament has been hosted by St. Casimir’s Catholic School in Round Lake, but due to size constraints and a lack of co-ordinators, it could not run it this year, explained David Afelskie, tournament co-ordinator.

Bosco, having the facility and the background since Afelskie was involved in the tournament when he worked at St. Casimir’s, decided to take over hosting duties this year.

Despite the change, overall, Afelskie said things went well.
“It’s always a big undertaking with 100 plus kids and a diverse age range,” Afelskie said, noting competitors in the three categories – beginner, intermediate and advanced – are from Grades 3-8.

“The nice thing is kids that aren’t as athletically inclined get to show their talents,” he added.

“And chess has an individual and team component.”
Most students played three matches with their individual scores adding to the team total.

Although typically the younger students are in the beginner level and the age increases at the levels do, that is not always the case.

“Bosco had Grade 4s in the A (advanced) division,” Afelskie said.

“It’s a lot about attitude and effort and consistency. You need to show up to practice.”(more)

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