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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ashley Tapp-BC Girls Chess Foundation

Photos from Facbook Gallery

Ashley Tapp and Jill Ding announced the formation of the BC GIRLS CHESS FOUNDATION at a Chess and Martial Arts promotion at the Dojang Martial Arts School in Vancouver, June 22.

Jill Ding(left) and Ashley Tapp(right)

This year, Ashley Tapp's efforts have remained the same to raise funds for her tournaments, playing at festivals and promoting chess and for girls - only this time with a difference – ‘she is no longer alone’.

Chess and martial arts action

Chess friend Jill Ding (17) from Victoria has teamed up with Ashley with the same goals and ambitions to inspire more girls to play. 

Tapp from Gordon School in Vancouver, and Ding of St Michael's University School of Victoria are ‘the perfect team’.

Both are from different school systems they represent all girls, and equally hold the same passions for their sport – ‘chess,’ and have set high goals for their future. 

Interestingly, both girls are honor students in math and science.

We would like to answer to that call to have more girls play chess.  Playing chess is more than an elite game; it is supposed to be accessible to all kids who want to play.  

For Tapp and Ding, playing chess is a social event, a place to make friendships, to help each other with logic of thinking; learning to take responsibility for our moves/ actions and to support each other with consequences. It also allows us to prepare for competition; very important given today’s expectations.

Chess complements academic study like math and the sciences, and it is our motivation to initiate more girls to excel in these areas, and eventually this could move towards changing the corporate scenario with more girls taking the lead.  

Thank You
The chess and martial arts event was presented by Dojang Martial Arts Studio on 10th Ave and Sasamat, Vancouver, also a thanks to Goodline Business Services.

Newly created CHESS GIRL- SMART MOVES  is a unique business that supports charities. Chess Girl makes ear huggers for charity events to sell at no cost to them and it is really taking off.

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