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Monday, June 3, 2013

Toronto Chess News 2013-06 Issue 1-19

Toronto Chess News
The latest issue is ready for download. Bob Armstrong presents the world of Toronto chess. Available in pdf and Chessbase formats twice a month. See the website to subscribe.

More about Toronto
Below the streets of Toronto is a marvel of engineering called PATH - a network of underground shopping malls, subway stations and pathways that provide shelter from harsh winter weather.

Toronto moves south into the Lake and Union Station is built becoming the busiest transportation hub in Canada. The waterfront is developed and as more land is reclaimed, Redpath Sugar opens a refinery taking advantage of the newly opened St. Lawrence Seaway and the larger ships that can now reach Toronto's port lands. The CN Tower is built and Toronto the Mega City is born.

Issue # 1-19, June 1, 2013- 86 pages

FIDE July 1, 2013 Regular Rating List ( Open/Women ) 14
Canadian Olympiad Selection Rating List 24
Canadian Olympiad Selection Rating List – Women 25
FIDE July 1, 2013 Regular Rating List – Canadian Rankings ( Open/Women ) 26
The “Games of the Centuries” Series – The Evergreen Game 66
Malmsten on Chess – Chess Crossword 69
Teaching Classic Games of Chess - Use the King to Get the King 71 
Ken’s Chess Trivia 76
TCN Readers’ Lead Article 79
TCN Readers’ Chess “Sightings” 79
TCN Readers Have Questions 79
TCN Readers’ Feedback 79 
TCN’s “Readers’ Opinion” Column 80

Tournament Reports
Supreme Masters (Norway GM Tournament) 4
European Individual Championship 11
Sunningdale Open, England 13
Chicago Open, USA 13
CMA Chess Challenge Championship 22
Ontario Open, Ottawa 33
Toronto Closed 37
Keres Memorial, Vancouver 55
Calgary International 56

Organizations with News Reports
Chess Federation of Canada ( CFC ) 22 
Greater Toronto Chess League ( GTCL ) 40
Scarborough Chess Club ( SCC ) 41
Annex Chess Club ( ACC ) 45 
Aurora Chess Club 47
Ajax Chess Club 50
Hamilton City Chess Club 51
Kitchener-Waterloo Chess Club 51
British Columbia Chess Federation (BCCF) 56

Tournament Notices
Guelph Pre-summer Pro-Am 80
K-W Team Tournament 81
Aurora Summer Open 81
Canadian Youth Chess Championships 82
Canadian Open 83

Community Bulletin Board 84

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