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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Edmonton International 2013 Rd4-GM Hansen E(CAN)

Standings-Great Photo Gallery by Vlad Rekhson
GM Bruzon drew and has the overall lead with 3.5/4.

GM Hansen wins again. GM Mikhalevski loses to FM Doroshenko. IM Wang draws GM Short.

IM Wang(l) playing GM Short(r)

Game 1
GM Hansen-Haessel
Semi-Slav 6.Qc2(D46)

Haessel could not keep up in forcing play and was overwhelmed.


Game 2
GM Mikhalevski-FM Doroshenko

GM Mikhalevski(l) playing FM Doroshenko(r)

Position 1
White had a chance to play 23.c6! with a clear advantage.


Position 2
The gamescore ends with 35...Kd8(0-1) Maybe white lost on time?


Game 3-From the B Group
Botez went astray in her attack and allowed a counterattack from Rekhson. Rekshon is pulling double duty as the event organizer/photographer and writer of daily reports for the website-Thanks! 


King's Indian Saemish

Position 1
White should just take the f-pawn with 20.Nxf4 and then continue with a strong attack. However 20.Bd3? was played and black kept the f-pawn and went over to the attack with 20...Ne5!

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