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Thursday, July 4, 2013

GM Hansen and IM Hambleton Moving to Europe

Canadian Talent Moving to Europe!

'On August 1st, 2013 we(GM Hansen and IM Hambleton) are going to be basing ourselves in Valencia, Spain for at least a year... probably more. We have secured an apartment and will be living, playing and studying together along with our chess friend GM Robin Van Kampen from Netherlands.

This move was made primarily to centralize ourselves with a closer home-base to the strong and plentiful European tournaments, leagues, and various chess opportunities.

IM Hambleton(center)
Photo-Hambleton's Site

As some of you may know, Eric has signed on to a club in the 1st division Bundesliga (Germany), and also in the 1st division 4NCL (England). I have also agreed to terms with a 2nd division Bundesliga team and the same 1st division 4NCL club as Eric.

GM Hansen at the Edmonton International 2013
Photo-Edmonton Internatioal Gallery

Although we don't plan to play nearly as much as the summer (I had a period with 30 games on the FIDE update and 31 days in the month!), we will playing in the major calendar events and studying hard in the meantime.

The opportunities in Canada are just not enough at the moment to sustain our future chess desires, so we've decided to take our ambitions seriously. We hope you will support and follow our progress abroad as we try to make a professional leap into the elite players of the world.

I invite all of your thoughts, comments, opinions, and advice below. We're excited to continue to represent Canada on the global stage!'-IM Hambleton

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