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Monday, July 8, 2013

Fort McMurray Open and AB Women's Championship 2013

Congratulations to Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina and IM Edward Porper for winning the AB Women's Championship and 1st Fort McMurray Open tournaments. 

Playing hall


A special thanks goes to Jina Burn for creating a fantastic tournament which attracted 40 players from all across the province including 15 participants in the Women's section. I am sure that the $7000 in prizes had something to do with that!-Vlad Rekhson on Chesstalk 

Fort McMurray Open 2013
IM Porper won with 4.5/5

More on Fort McMurray
Fort McMurray, Alberta is the epicenter of oil sands mining and people from around the world have flocked to find jobs. High wages have inflated the cost of living and some struggle to manage the money they make. 

Some people spend too much on entertainment or get caught up in drug use. Others, though, have found success and are building new lives in Fort McMurray.

AB Women's Championship 2013
Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina won with 5/5.

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